The Awerkamp Air Operated Quick Water Valves

Empty your water and chemical batch tanks at rates of 425 to 1,200 GPM without pumps or tank pressure. Water Valves are positive opening and closing with as little as 30 PSI air pressure. We have water valve models that open against heads of up to 50 feet and they can be mounted to the bottom of a tank with the weld-on Tank Adapter Flange.


2 Sizes to choose from:

Model 5 - 5", 425 GPM max.

Model 8 - 8", 1,200 GPM Max.

All of our water valves are corrosion resistant, simple to install, and easy to maintain.

Outstanding Features

Precision Machined

All of the parts of these water valves are machined and fit to precision tolerances. This guarantees long, trouble-free service and accurate function.

Electronically Controlled, Air Actuated

Easily controlled by connecting air lines to an electric 4-way air solenoid valve.

No Guesswork

So quick acting, these water valves can be used with electronic controls to accurately meter correct proportions of water to other ingredients. Eliminating human error.

Numerous Applications

The Quick Water Valve is not limited in application to the field of concrete mixing, but can be installed anywhere that controlled flow of water is desirable.

For Parts & Drawings, Click on the following Links:

Model 5 Parts List (pdf)


Model 5 Exploded Parts View (pdf)


Model 8 Parts List (pdf)


Model 8 Exploded Parts View (pdf)


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"Quick Water Valves" ... only one moving part, fast and reliable. Used around the world by hundreds of satisfied customers.

Manufactured in the U.S.A. by Awerkamp Machine Co. for over 70 years.